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Restaurant Touts 'Knockout Deal' on Ray Rice Promotion

Restaurant Touts 'Knockout Deal' on Ray Rice Promotion

An Illinois eatery has apologized for tweeting out a “knockout deal” that it connected to the Ray Rice controversy.

The Twitter account for Cheesie’s explained, “TINDER TUESDAY = 20% off tabs! It’s a knockout deal… we’re calling it Ray Rice ;-).”

“The actions today on Twiter are not directly from the Cheesie’s family,” manager Chance Lydick told DNA Info Radio. “We would like to apologize directly to anyone affected by domestic violence. It was not our intention. It did not directly come from us. It came from an outside source.”

The restaurant apologized, promised to hold a fundraiser to combat domestic abuse, and claimed a “disgruntled” ex-employee sent out the insensitive tweet. They didn’t identify the cyber sabotuer.

Lydick maintains, “Cheesie’s has always been a warm, inviting environment.”


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