Record-Breaking Contract: Marlins to Shell out $325 Million to Giancarlo Stanton

Record-Breaking Contract: Marlins to Shell out $325 Million to Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton, who turned 25 this month, looks to become the highest paid player in the history of American sports when he signs a $325 million, 13-year contract with the Miami Marlins.

Although the contract is not yet finalized, according to a report detailed at Sports Illustrated, the team will announce the official agreement with Stanton later this week. The blockbuster deal exceeds the previous highest contract of Alex Rodriquez with the Yankees in 2008, which has provided the chronically juiced A-Rod with $275 million over ten years.

Hardly a household name, Stanton hit 37 homeruns for the Marlins last season and knocked in 105 RBIs. His batting average of .288 plus drawing 94 walks gave Stanton a .395 on base percentage, rendering him fourth in Major League Baseball.

Since the outfielder came into the league in 2010 he has hit 154 home runs, averaging a little over 30 dingers per year. That might not seem so special based on steroid-era numbers, however, in both 2013 and 2014, only ten players each year hit over 30 home runs.

The Marlins find themselves in a great position to sign Stanton because they currently have few expensive contracts with current players. According to SB Nation, the Marlins’ current payroll commitments beyond this season are Jarrod Saltalamacchia (two years, $15 million), Garrett Jones (one year, $5 million) and Jeff Baker (one year, $2.1 million).

The astronomical contract, some say, may be less than what Stanton could have commanded if he waited two more years for free agency. Nevertheless, the figures work out that the young outfielder will average about $27 million per year over the 11 free-agent years of the contract.