ESPN Suspends Baseball Writer from Twitter after Evolution Tweets

ESPN Suspends Baseball Writer from Twitter after Evolution Tweets

Curt Schilling fought the Law–and the Law lost.

ESPN has strangely suspended baseball commentator Keith Law from Twitter after he ridiculed critics of evolution, including the former pitcher, on his account. The network contends that the timeout has nothing–“absolutely nothing,” in fact–to do with Law’s evangelical Darwinism. The Worldwide Leader in Sports told Deadspin, “Keith’s Twitter suspension had absolutely nothing to do with his opinions on the subject.”

Given that the exchanges in question occurred a week before Law’s overactive account went silent, perhaps ESPN prohibited Law from Twitter (he conducted a Thursday ESPN chat after his Wednesday Twitter disappearance) for some other reason. What that reason is, precisely, Law’s overbearing Disney bosses won’t say. 

Here’s some of what Law wrote:

He’s a bore, but that’s heretofore been a prerequisite for employment, not grounds for suspension, at the network. And surely if Mickey Mouse can descend into Keith Olbermann, then their might be something to this evolution idea of Law’s–but in a dysgenic, bassackwards, wrong-end-of-the-telescope kind of way. It’s a long way down, after all, from On the Origin of the Species to Wikipedia-sourced expositions on everything and nothing in 140 characters or less.


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