Jameis Strikes Back: Heisman Winner Defends Himself from ‘False’ Rape Accusation

Jameis Strikes Back: Heisman Winner Defends Himself from ‘False’ Rape Accusation

Jameis Winston declined to testify at his Florida State University student conduct hearing. The Heisman Trophy-winner did submit a graphic and descriptive statement outlining his version of events on the night when a woman alleges he raped her.

Winston says his accuser willingly danced with him, entered her number into his phone, and traveled back to his dorm in a cab with him and friends.

Almost immediately upon our arrival, (NAME REDACTED) and I went into my bedroom. We were standing facing each other, kissing and touching each other’s bodies. I eventually asked (NAME REDACTED) if she would perform oral sex on me. She said that she would. The lights in my bedroom were on and (NAME REDACTED) willingly performed oral sex on me. While (NAME REDACTED) was performing oral sex, I was close enough to my dresser to reach over to it, open a drawer, and retrieve a condom.

(NAME REDACTED) and I also engaged in intense foreplay and heavy petting during the same period that she was performing oral sex…. (NAME REDACTED) assisted me in putting on the condom. I stood on the floor with (NAME REDACTED) on the bed and we engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. After sometime in this position, we changed positions. I got on my bed on my back and (NAME REDACTED) got on top of me. (NAME REDACTED) conduct and other verbal expressions left no doubt that our sex was consensual.

I recall hearing Chris and Ron outside of my room. The door to my room was broken so the door could not close fully or be locked. At some point, Chris came into the room. (NAME REDACTED), who was still on top of me, saw Chris and told him to get out of the room.

When Winston’s friends continued to bother the pair, the quarterback alleges that his accuser petitioned him for more privacy. The pair absconded to the bathroom, where they concluded the act. Winston says he then chauffeured his lady friend to her dorm upon his scooter.

The quarterback of the reigning national champions, sitting through a Wednesday hearing lasting more than seven hours, faces a possible expulsion from Florida State. Florida state prosecutors declined to pursue a criminal case one year ago.

The red-shirt sophomore asserts that his accuser has demanded $7 million from him and has levied a slanderous charge that will hang over him for the rest of his life. “Rape is a vicious crime,” Winston declared. “The only thing as vicious as rape is falsely accusing someone of rape.”


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