Prosecutor Shows Aaron Hernandez Holding Gun, Reveals DNA on Joint at Murder Scene with Victim’s

Aaron Hernandez murder trial gets off to bumpy start

The last player to catch a Tom Brady touchdown pass in a Super Bowl fidgeted as opening arguments began on Thursday in his trial for murder.

Prosecutors showed jurors still images of Aaron Hernandez returning to his home without murder victim Odin Lloyd by his side and with a gun in his hand. The defense showed jurors a picture of a smiling Hernandez to buttress the argument that their client possessed no motive to kill.

Pulling out a coin from his pocket, Hernandez’s lawyer Michael Fee told jurors: “You can’t understand evidence until you see both sides.”

The prosecution, unable to submit Lloyd’s last texts and certain bullets found in Hernandez’s apartment as evidence, nevertheless dropped a few bombshells. The state claims that authorities identified the DNA of both the victim and the accused on a marijuana “joint” found at the murder scene. The prosecution also reports that Hernandez’s DNA appears on the .45 caliber ammunition, the same type of rounds that killed Lloyd, found in his rental car.

The former New England Patriots tight end, whose fate hinges on the vote of a dozen strangers, faces another vote this weekend. Inmates at the Nashua Street Jail in Boston democratically determine what Hernandez and all the other detainees watch this Sunday night.


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