Shock: $1.3 Billion Spent in First 72 Hours of NFL Free Agency

Ndamukong Suh Running

NFL franchises dished out a mind-boggling $1.3 billion to gridiron stars in the first three days of the free agency signing period, including a whopping $589.7 million in guaranteed money.

According to the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), the staggering amount locks up 85 contracts. A good part of the money went to Ndamukong Suh ($114 million) who signed with the Dolphins, and Darrelle Revis ($79 million) who signed once again with the Jets. Approximately, $100 million of the guaranteed salaries goes to these two NFL standouts.

Not all who signed got deals like Suh and Revis. Nevertheless, the numbers still look pretty good for the truck drivers, accountants, waitresses, and even the lawyers perched on couches in the living rooms, glued to the tube, during the season. Antonio Cromartie dragged in $8 million per season, Kareem Jackson got $20 million guaranteed from the Houston Texans, and Torrey Smith will cash in on $40 million over the next five seasons with the San Francisco 49ers.

There is still a lot of dough to be doled out before the NFL draft comes around, reported SB Nation.

Amid all the money flowing, NFL player representatives voted to keep DeMaurice Smith as executive director of the NFLPA. It is his third three year term. ESPN reported that it is considered by many as a vote for maintaining the status quo. Smith beat out former NFL players Jason Belser, Sean Gilbert, Robert Griffith, and others.

According to MMQB Sean Gilbert was Smith’s most aggressive challenger. He considers Smith to be poorly suited for the director role and believes him easily taken advantage of by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.


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