The Barack-et on Verge of Elimination


When the brackets were announced Gallup measured a net positive job approval rating for President Obama. Since then, Obama has dropped to a -9% (43% approve, 52% disapprove).

A coach said he pays no attention to Obama, a player asked what the F… was wrong with Obama, and backers of the president called critics of his bracket racists.

Obama needs all seven games listed below to go his way for his bracket to beat the Breitbart Sports bracket.

Basketball once seemed a safe haven for the president.

Prior to his inauguration, Obama grabbed a photo op practicing with the UNC team (see AP photo above) and those of us who frequent basketball websites have been barraged by Obama digital ads. However, two years ago he was booed at a tournament game he attended after a golf outing, and this weekend Charles Barkley even told TMZ that anyone criticizing Obama’s bracket was racist.

However, as long as the Commander-In-Chief was spending time on the bracket, he probably should have taken a closer look at the database featured by Breitbart Sports. Obama went with the inside-the-beltway Georgetown team yesterday, only to have the No. 1 player in the database, Utah’s Delon Wright, slice them with drives to the hoop that resulted in fouls (Wright was 8 of 10 from the line) or wide open shots by teammates (5 assists) in a  75-64 win for Breitbart Sports’ pick.

Obama can only best the Breitbart Sports bracket if all seven of the following games go as follows:

Duke must win three times starting with beating San Diego State Sunday at 2:50 and then win both games next weekend to make the Final Four.

Iowa must beat Gonzaga at 5:15 Sunday (Obama picked Iowa in the game, but can’t have Breitbart Sports get a win with Gonzaga).

Kansas must beat Wichita State Sunday at 7:10.

Arizona must win both games next weekend, including potentially beating Breitbart Sports Final Four pick of Wisconsin.

Score Breitbart Sports President Obama
76-57 Xavier (W) Mississippi
65-66 OT Purdue Cincinnati (W)
71-54 Northern Iowa (W) Wyoming
68-62 West Virginia (W) Buffalo
53-66 Providence Dayton (W)
75-64 Utah (W) Georgetown
Current 4 2
Sun 5:15 Gonzaga (Davidson gone)
Sun 7:10 Wichita State Kansas
27-Mar Gonzaga (SMU gone)
29-Mar Gonzaga Duke
29-Mar Wisconsin Arizona
Possible 9 5



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