Aaron Hernandez Done In by Robert Kraft Testimony

The Associated Press

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted for first-degree murder in the killing of Odin Lloyd, and according to one of the jurors, a key to the conviction was the testimony of New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft.

According to the owner, Hernandez had told him two days after the murder that he wanted the facts to come out about the timing of the murder, since he had an alibi at that time. Kraft stated, “He said … he was innocent and that he hoped that the time of the murder incident came out because he said he was in a club.” Nobody then knew about the exact timing of the murder, so that comment meant that Hernandez had knowledge even the police did not have.

The juror explained:

One part for me was Aaron’s alleged statement that he wished that the time that Odin was murdered was made public because he was at a club at that time. To this date we just went through a three-month trial, this is now a year-and-a-half or two years later — we still don’t know the exact time of Odin’s murder specifically so I don’t know how Aaron would have had that information two years ago.

Cell phone records later showed that Hernandez was not, in fact, in a club at the time of the murder. Kraft told the jury that Hernandez said he knew Lloyd socially “because he was the boyfriend of his fiancee’s sister.”

The day after Hernandez talked to Kraft, the owner barred him from Patriots facilities.