Stupid Sports Tattoo #6,139: Cowboys Pick Inks Iconic Star onto Forearm

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The Associated Press

NFL Combine drug-test failure Randy Gregory vowed to demonstrate new-found maturity to the team that drafted him. Days after his second-round selection by the Dallas Cowboys, the University of Nebraska pass rusher tattooed the franchise’s iconic star onto his arm.

Defensive ends drafted in the second round last for an average of 6.6 seasons in the NFL. The ink on Gregory’s arm will outlive him.

Dumber tattoos surely bedizen the bodies of the NFL’s players, coaches, and fans.

Then-Jets coach Rex Ryan (now with the Bills) tattooed his wife (still with him) wearing a Mark Sanchez (now with the Eagles) jersey onto his shoulder. The pretty lady on his arm currently wears blue instead of green. Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez inked his gang affiliation on himself. He now sits in a correctional facility, where opportunities abound for new tats. St. Petersburg, Florida, cops arrested a man under the influence of spice sporting a Riddell New England Patriots helmet permanently inscribed upon his head along with three Lombardi Trophies and Wes Welker and Randy Moss signatures. He needs an update for his obsolete ink, to say nothing of his other problems.

Gregory’s star may limit his employment possibilities in Washington and Philadelphia just as past misjudgments presented professional difficulties. Gregory fell from the early first round to the late second, he thinks, because of his impulsive choices. Unfortunately for the talented 6’6” defensive end, his recent statements rule out the possibility that this latest rash decision stems from a hash decision. That star on his forearm isn’t reefer madness talking. It’s just Randy Gregory being Randy Gregory.

“I don’t think it’s a weed problem,” Gregory told ESPN of his off-field issues. “I think it’s decision-making. I think I’m immature. I’m definitely working on that.”

Work smarter, not harder.