Dallas Cowboys Second Most Valuable Sports Team in the World

Jason Garrett
The Associated Press

A new survey of the most valuable sports teams in the world finds that America’s NFL teams rank in as some of the top moneymakers in sports with the Dallas Cowboys in second place overall. But Real Madrid soccer tops them all as the most valuable professional sports team.

In its annual review of the world’s professional sporting franchises, Forbes magazine ranks 51 teams in the top 50 with a three-way tie for the 49th slot.

Topping all sports teams is Real Madrid soccer. Having just won its record 10th Champions League crown in 2014, Real Madrid had the highest revenue in all of sports at $746 million, earning the team a $171 million profit. And at $277 million, Real Madrid also earned the highest broadcast revenue in all of sports. Forbes values the team at a whopping $3.6 billion.

Number two, though, is “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys, valued at $3.2 billion according to Forbes’ accounting. This even though Dallas hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 1996.

Rounding out the top five are the New York Yankees–the highest rated baseball team–clocking in with a value of $3.2 billion, Barcelona soccer valued at $3.16 billion, and Manchester United soccer came in at $3.1 billion.

The first basketball team to appear is the Los Angeles Lakers, valued at $2.6 billion and hitting at number six on the list. The New York Knicks follow the Lakers at $2.5 billion.

The National Football League had the most teams on the list with 20 of its 32 teams appearing throughout. Next came 12 Major League Baseball teams followed by 10 of the National Basketball League’s teams. Fourth most on the list were 7 European Soccer League teams.

Interestingly, team Ferrari of Formula One Racing appeared in the second third of the list ranking in at number 32 with a valuation of $1.35 billion. Ferrari was the only racing team to make the list.

One lone National Hockey League team also made the list with the Toronto Maple Leafs coming in at number 37.

The reason there are 51 teams in the top 50 is because of a three-way tie for 49th place. The Atlanta Braves, Dallas Mavericks, and Minnesota Vikings were all valued at $1.15 billion each.

The full list in order is as follows:

  • Real Madrid Soccer, European Soccer League–Value $3.26 billion
  • Dallas Cowboys, NFL-Value $3.2 billion
  • New York Yankees, MLB–Value $3.2 billion
  • Barcelona Soccer, European Soccer League–Value $3.16 billion
  • Manchester United, European Soccer League–Value $3.1 billion
  • L.A. Lakers, NBA–Value $2.6 billion
  • New England Patriots, NFL–Value $2.6 billion
  • New York Knicks, NBA–Value $2.5 billion
  • Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB–Value $2.4 billion
  • Washington Redskins, NFL–Value $2.4 billion
  • Bayern Munich, European Soccer League–Value $2.35 billion
  • Boston Red Sox, MLB–Value $2.1 billion
  • New York Giants, NFL–Value $2.1 billion
  • Chicago Bulls, NBA–Value $2 billion
  • San Francisco Giants, MLB–Value $2 billion
  • Houston Texans, NFL-$1.85 billion
  • Chicago Cubs, MLB–Value $1.8 billion
  • New York Jets, NFL–Value $1.8 billion
  • Philadelphia Eagles, NFL–Value $1.75 billion
  • Boston Celtics, NBA–Value $1.7 billion
  • Chicago Bears, NFL–Value $1.7 billion
  • Los Angeles Clippers, NBA–Value $1.6 billion
  • San Francisco 49ers, NFL–Value $1.6 billion
  • Baltimore Ravens, NFL–Value $1.5 billion
  • Brooklyn Nets, NBA–Value $1.5 billion
  • Denver Broncos, NFL–Value $1.45 billion
  • Indianapolis Colts, NFL–$1.4 billion
  • St. Louis Cardinals, MLB–Value $1.4 billion
  • Green Bay Packers, NFL–Value $1.38 billion
  • Manchester City, European Soccer League–Value $1/39 billion
  • Chelsea, European Soccer League–Value $1.37 billion
  • Team Ferrari, Formula One Racing–Value $1.35 billion
  • New York Mets, MLB–Value $1.35 billion
  • Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL–$1.35 billion
  • Seattle Seahawks, NFL–Value $1.33 billion
  • Arsenal, European Soccer League–Value $1.31 billion
  • Golden State Warriors, NBA–$1.3 billion
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, MLB–Value $1.3 billion
  • Miami Dolphins, NFL–Value $1.3 billion
  • Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL–$1.3 billion
  • Washington Nationals, MLB–Value $1.28 billion
  • Carolina Panthers, NFL–Value $1.25 billion
  • Houston Rockets, NBA–Value $1.25 billion
  • Philadelphia Phillies, MLB–Value $1.25 billion
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL–Value $1.23 billion
  • Texas Rangers, MLB–Value $1.22 billion
  • Miami Heat, NBA–Value $1.8 billion
  • Tennessee Titans, NFL–Value $1.16 billion
  • Atlanta Braves, MLB–Value $1.15 billion
  • Dallas Mavericks, NBA–Value $1.15 billion
  • Minnesota Vikings, NFL–Value $1.15 billion

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