Taya Kyle Wins $500,000 for Military Families at American Sniper Shootout

American Sniper Shootout
AWR Hawkins

On December 5 Taya Kyle—widow of late sniper Chris Kyle, the subject of the memoir and film American Sniper—won $500,000 for the families of first responders and military personnel at the American Sniper Shootout.

Kyle won the money by using Tracking Point Precision-Fire Weapons to defeat NRA World Champion Bruce Piatt in a series mid-to-long range shots on a range constructed in Mason, Texas.

Bretibart News attended the shootout, and watched as Kyle and Piatt went head-to-head from sitting, prone, and off-hand positions.

Tara Kyle and AWR Hawkins

While Piatt used traditional military rifles, Kyle put on a clinic that demonstrated the technology of Tracking Point rifles, showing the benefits such weapons could provide to our fighting men and women in combat and to our snipers on and near the battlefield. For example, in one round of the shootout the situation called for both shooters to sit in a room, stick their arm through a hole in an exterior wall, and shoot their gun at a target down range without the benefit of being able to see the target. Piatt did not hit the target once during this particular round but Kyle hit it first shot. She was able to do so because the Tracking Point rifles come with goggles synced with the scope that allow men and women in uniform to see scope-view through the googles.

This technology would literally allow an American sniper to remain safely protected in a room and extend only his arm and rifle out of a window or hole in the wall while using the goggles to zero-in the enemy sniper and take him out.

Tracking Point rifles boast image stabilization technology in the sighting system, making off-hand shots much easier for our troops. And the rifles contain lock and launch technology adapted from fighter jets, allowing military personnel under the duress of warfare to find and hit their target from longer ranges, with a much higher success ratio and much less risk to themselves because of their ability to engage the enemy from greater distances.

 Tracking Point Precision Fire Weapon

When the shootout was over, Kyle was presented with at $500,000 check which will go to the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and will be used for families of first responders and military personnel.

American Sniper Shootout 2

This author spoke with Kyle at the shoot, and she stressed that her goals with the event were to raise money for the families—which she did—and to  highlight “the technology advances for our first responders and our military members,” which she also did that by hitting every shot she took with the Tracking Point rifles.

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