St. Louis Rams Fans File Suit Against Team

The Associated Press

The St. Louis Rams may be leaving St. Louis for sunny southern California, but they won’t be leaving their troubles behind them.

Some ticked-off fans now insist that the season ticket licenses they bought for the Rams must be made transferable to Los Angeles—which would certainly put them in prime position for a resale on eBay, given the lack of demand in St. Louis and the surefire demand in Los Angeles.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, some Rams personal seat license holders have filed a lawsuit against the Rams, with their lawyer explaining that “our clients are entitled to either purchase tickets for the games being played in LA, or whatever stadium they’re being played at, or to transfer their PSLs, which is a right to purchase tickets up through 2025.”

The Rams fight the lawsuit. They say the tickets aren’t transferable, and they’ve shut down sales of PSLs. Legally, the Rams have a decent case since the PSL agreement itself says the Rams could terminate the agreement and refund the deposit for the tickets.

But some ticket holders want no part of that refund. Instead, they want certification as a class for purposes of a class action lawsuit that could cost the team millions of dollars, given that there would be 50,000 Rams fans who bought PSLs.


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