Aaron Hernandez Settles Suit with Shooting Victim

The Associated Press

Aaron Hernandez has settled a civil suit brought by a friend who alleged that the former New England Patriots tight end shot him in the eye, the Boston Globe reports.

The revelation of the settlement came in court documents filed on Friday. Attorneys for Alexander Bradley, who alleges that his friend shot him in the face on a trip to Florida three years ago, simply wrote “this matter has been settled” regarding the lawsuit with Hernandez. They did not disclose the financial terms of the agreement.

Bradley has another agreement, one with the prosecutors seeking to convict Aaron Hernandez for a Boston double-murder that took place in the summer of 2012. Bradley allegedly went with Hernandez to a Boston nightclub, where the temperamental player exploded in anger after a patron bumped into him. Outside of the club Hernandez allegedly gunned down the two immigrant men, Daniel Jorge Correia de Abreu, 29, and Safiro Teixeira Furtado, 28, and wounded a third man in a motor vehicle.

The state looks to place Bradley on the stand to testify to what he saw outside of the Cure nightclub in the summer of 2012. Prosecutors have already indicted Hernandez for witness intimidation because of the Florida shooting incident. Hernandez shot Bradley, and possibly friend Odin Lloyd, because of the player’s paranoia over the Boston double-homicide, they theorize.

A jury convicted Hernandez in the murder of Odin Lloyd in April.


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