Rodman Rebounds: Trump About to Fire Cruz, Too

AP Photo

Responding to Ted Cruz’s remark during Thursday Night’s GOP debate that Donald Trump once fired Dennis Rodman on Celebrity Apprentice, the NBA’s most famous weirdo sent a message to the Texas lawmaker that “he’s about to fire his ass too.”

During a heated exchange in last night’s Republican presidential debate in Houston, Senator Cruz ridiculed billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump claiming that while he was busy fighting the controversial Gang of Eight amnesty bill, the New York businessman wasted his time as a realty game show host.

Garnering Rodman’s endorsement may not mean as much as Trump’s receiving the endorsement of Governor Chris Christie on Friday, but perhaps it might help Trump attract the coveted cross-dressing demographic.

Notwithstanding Rodman’s penchant for bizarre behavior like his 2013 trip to North Korea to nurture leader Kim Jong-un’s obsession with the Chicago Bulls, the outrageous Rodman snagged almost 12,000 rebounds over 14 season averaging 13.1 per game.

Dennis the Menace swinging voters in Trump’s direction is doubtful. Yet, if Trump can win the GOP election, it might be nice having Rodman as his nomination party coordinator.