Curt Schilling Calls Out Stephen A. Smith, ESPN Hypocrites on ‘The Palin Update’

Curt Schilling

I guess you could say Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin have become a post-baseball Jonathan Papelbon and Keith Foulke to Curt Schilling. Every time Schilling starts something good, the Palin women help him close the door. It’s happened yet again.

Mere months after the Palins supported Schilling’s remarks comparing Islamic extremists to Nazi, the former Alaska governor and her eldest daughter defended Schilling after he was canned by the liberal sports network ESPN. Schilling simply made his opinions known regarding grown men using the same bathrooms as little girls. He dealt with facts. Of course, conservative thought is not welcome in the world of ESPN, and because of Schilling’s stance, he was fired.

Many remained silent. Others blasted Schilling. But the Palins weren’t shy about backing the three-time World Series champion. Sarah Palin wrote on social media, “ESPN continues to screw up.” Bristol weighed in with “Curt Schilling got fired for telling the truth.”

Schilling, while appreciative, wishes the Palins didn’t feel obligated to rush in from the bullpen. “The embarrassing and pathetic thing is they would have to,” said Schilling while speaking on Mama Grizzly Radio this week. “Me being fired for being a conservative American was only a matter of time from ESPN”

While Schilling was painted racist and transphobic by ESPN for stating facts, others continue to thrive on the network while saying everything and anything that’s on their minds.”Nice guy, but Stephen A. Smith says more racist comments in a day then I’ve said in my life,” Schilling said during his hit on The Palin Update. He lamented that ESPN employs “accused murderers, people that had beaten their wives, people drunk driving, people who advocated finding a friend of yours to get arrested for you when you break the law, it goes on and on and on.” But conservatives who don’t dance for the puppet masters are sent packing.

Schilling goes on to discuss his future, his thoughts on pandering rockers Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams, the 2016 baseball season, and much more in a wide ranging interview.

To hear the whole discussion with Schilling visit MamaGrizzlyRadio.


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