Bruce Springsteen

‘Bruce Springsteen Day’ Officially Proclaimed in New Jersey

The awards, plaudits, public acclamations, and back slaps keep coming for Bruce Springsteen. Just weeks after President Joe Biden hosted the National Humanities Medals and the National Medal of Arts awards with the multi-millionaire rocker to the fore comes yet another  tribute.

bruce springsteen

Listen: Country Rocker Aaron Lewis’ Single ‘Am I The Only One’ Rips Leftist Activists, Bruce Springsteen

Country rock star Aaron Lewis has released the new single “Am I the Only One,” a country ballad that affirms his patriotism and shows his dismay and bewilderment at the direction the country has taken in recent months. The song specifically calls out left-wing activists who have torn down historic statues as well as fellow rocker Bruce Springsteen, who publicly denounced then-President Donald Trump during last year’s presidential race.

Aaron Lewis of Staind performs during Louder Than Life at Highland Festival Grounds at KY