Antonio Cromartie Makes It a Dozen Children Despite Vasectomy

Antonio Cromartie
The Associated Press

Mother’s Day brought former New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie his 11th and 12th child when his wife Terricka gave birth to twins.

According to Us Magazine, J’adore Nayvi entered the world five minutes after her brother Jynx Revell-Antonio. The couple have two other children, Juzie 5 and Jagger 3, since they got married in 2008.

The 32-year-old defensive back has eight other children with seven other women scattered across the country. Cromartie pays $3,500 per month in child support for each one. That boils down to a whopping $336,000 a year. Cromartie made $ 7 million in 2015 with the Jets, but currently has nowhere to hang his cleats, having been cut from the team he now wallows in free agency limbo.

“It was the most amazing, yet rewarding gift to give birth on Mother’s Day. This is a storybook fairy-tale for Antonio and I,” Terricka said.

The happy Terricka told Us that as blessed as she is, J’adore and Jynx will be her last. She plans on tying her tubes to prevent further pregnancies.

Antonio’s attempt to prevent further pregnancies, however, didn’t quite work. Cromartie had undergone a vasectomy, which the Post reports is 99.85 percent effective in preventing conception. Terricka expressed shock a few months ago when her doctor said she was expecting twins, the New York Post reported in January. Terricka claims that Antonio took the surprising pregnancy very well and “stood firm saying that it was God’s will.”

The ex-Seminole standout expressed his dismay about people’s obsession with his multiple offspring. He tweeted:

According to a woman who mothers one of Cromartie’s dozen children, he doesn’t spend much time with them. “These kids have to Google to find out about their dad,” she told the Post.