Warriors Head Coach Blasts ‘Outdated Bill of Rights’

Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors (L) and Stephen Curry react in the second half against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals on June 16, 2016

During Friday’s The TK Show podcast Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr argued for gun control and blasted the “outdated Bill of Rights.”

Kerr criticized Congress for not passing background checks for every gun sale in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, although Orlando attacker Omar Mateen passed a background for his rifle and handgun and also passed a waiting period for his handgun.

According to the East Bay Times, Kerr said:

Let’s have some checks. It’s easier to get a gun than it is a driver’s license. And it’s insane. And as somebody who has had a family member shot and killed, it just devastates me every time I read about this stuff, like what happened in Orlando, and then it’s even more devastating to see the government just cowing to the NRA and going to this totally outdated Bill of Rights, right to bear arms, you know, if you want to own a musket, fine. But come on.

Breitbart News previously reported that Kerr’s father was shot and killed by Islamists while teaching at the American University in Beirut in 1984. Coach Kerr is responding to that loss and the Orlando attack by seeking more and more gun control on law-abiding Americans. In so doing he is missing three important points: 1. The common denominator in both attacks was an Islamist. 2. The Orlando nightclub was as gun-free zone; it had 100 percent gun control. 3. The Orlando gunman not only passed a background check for his guns but also underwent a rigorous background check for his Florida Security Officer license and his Statewide Firearms License. The acquisition of these licenses included a mental evaluation.

Yet Kerr wants more gun control for law-abiding citizens. 

Note, too, that Kerr qualifies the “right to bear arms” as “fine…if you want to own a musket.” But he does not say whether he will be encouraging NBA security and the police they contract to carry muskets instead of Glocks, Sig Sauers, or AR-15s.

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at awrhawkins@breitbart.com.


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