Cubs Pitcher Reminds Hollywood Libs to Leave in Event of Trump Win

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The Trump-friendly sports world continues its revelry after Tuesday’s electoral victory.

Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta, who knows a thing or two about revelry coming off of a World Series celebration 108 years in the making, took to Twitter on Wednesday to remind the Hollywood Clinton supporters who promised to exit stage north and head to Canada if Trump won that the time to say goodbye has come.

How awfully nice of him for offering to help them pack. Neither Arrieta’s sentiment nor his sense of humor came through to NBC Sports lead baseball writer Craig Calcaterra, who responded to Arrieta, apparently without Googling:

Can Calcaterra, who works in media and frequently, seamlessly transitions from baseball to politics and politics to baseball seriously not know of the rather well-publicized list of Hollywood celebs who promised to leave if Trump ever became president?

More than a week after the World Series, Arrieta is still firing strikes his opponents can’t hit.

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