Michigan Fan Calls OSU Terror Attack Karma for Cheating Buckeyes

Ohio State is one of the largest universities in the United States, with roughly 60,000 students on the main campus in Columbus

With just one month left before closing out 2016, Cameron Jacob and his Twitter handle thesenuts365 look like a sure-shot winner for most imbecilic tweet of the year.

The message called Monday’s heinous car/knife attack, which left one victim dead and eight injured on Ohio State University’s campus by a Somalian refugee, an act of karma leveled on the university for their football team cheating against Michigan during Saturday’s rivalry game.

The highly-charged contest ended in a 30-27 victory for OSU after a controversial first down ruling in favor of the Buckeyes in a second overtime period.

Jacob, who incorrectly referred to the tragic campus incident as a shooting, defended the despicable tweet as no worse than some of president-elect Donald Trump’s tweets during his campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Jacob confessed that he does have a track record for making dumb remarks:

To top it all off, the overly zealous fan may also have a penchant for making racial statements as well:


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