Cleveland Radio Host Promises Violence to Browns Fans Planning 0-16 Parade

The Associated Press
Cleveland, OH

A Cleveland radio host has reacted to the effort to throw a parade for the Browns, should they go winless, by threatening to “fight” the parade’s organizers and promising parade revelers that he will “mow you down under my tires.”

According to the sports media site Awful Announcing, “In November, a Browns season ticket holder filed an application for a permit to host a parade if the team went 0-16. With the magical mark getting closer and closer, the prospect of the parade happening remains strong.

“This isn’t sitting well with ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Rizzo, who thinks the idea for a parade is laughable and had some very harsh words for the organizers and potential attendees of the event.”

According to the site Clevescene, Rizzo said, “If you’re one of the people out there that is planning a parade for 0-16, I will fight you”.

Seems fair, however, Rizzo was just getting warmed up. Rizzo continued, “I will do everything in my power to stop that. I will talk to Senator Sherrod Brown, Mayor Frank Jackson, I’ll talk to everyone I can. I swear to god . . . I’ll be there and I will mow you down under my tires.

“I promise that . . . If you have that parade it will end ugly. I know billionaires, senators, mayors, governors. That is going to go away, mark my words. It ain’t going to happen on my watch, I promise you that.”

Here is Rizzo’s audio:

You would think that in a town that just celebrated its first major sports championship in over 50 years, in addition to having another team almost win a World Series, that people in Cleveland might have lightened up a bit.

Guess not.

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