Richard Sherman: ‘It’s a Privilege to Have Me’ in a Press Conference

richard sherman

Richard Sherman does not concern himself with those who differ with his opinions.

Last week Sherman had a blow-up and threatened to “ruin” a reporter’s career by getting his press pass revoked after the reporter questioned Sherman about his sideline outburst on a Thursday night football game, where Sherman had questioned his team’s play calling.

This week, Sherman decided not to hold his regular weekly press conference, insisting that access to him is a “privilege.”

“I’m just going to make sure people — it’s a privilege to have me up there,” Sherman told reporters in the locker-room. “You’re going to miss me when I’m gone.”

Where Sherman might go, he did not say. However, Sherman is likely still smarting over the incident with the reporter from last week. Sherman, who once famously quipped that “a lion does not concern himself with the opinion of sheep,” does not naturally tend toward apologizing.

Yet, after threatening the reporter Sherman did uncharacteristically offer an apology, meaning he was likely told he had gone too far. Which brings the question of the press conferences to light. Why does Richard Sherman hold regular press conferences?

It’s one thing for a quarterback, or coach, to hold a regular press conference. But a cornerback? That’s very unusual. Granted, no one would call Sherman a “normal” cornerback by any stretch of the imagination, and has made far more headlines this year for things he has said to the media as opposed to plays that he’s made on the field.

Might that fact have led to some of the pushback he’s gotten from reporters in press conferences? Could Sherman’s sensitivity with the media mean that he too has internally acknowledged the drop-off in his performance?

Sherman made a good call by skipping his weekly presser. He might want to spend that time focusing on his job.

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