Dallas Cowboys Un-Ironically Tweet ‘Bandwagon’ Fan Application, While Having Majority Bandwagon Fans

Dak Prescott

The team with arguably the most bandwagon fans in the entire NFL has decided to have fun with bandwagon fans.

On Tuesday, the Dallas Cowboys Twitter account put out this “application,” for all fans who have decided they want to jump on the Cowboys bandwagon:

While clever, the irony here is pretty thick. The overwhelming majority of Cowboys fans hail from somewhere other than the Dallas-Fort Worth area. So, what makes those people Cowboys fans? What motivation does a guy from Clarksville, Tennessee, have to root for the Cowboys, while having the option of the Browns, Cardinals, Chargers, or Ravens?

Perhaps his motivation has something to do with the fact that the Cowboys have multiple Super Bowl championships, multiple Hall of Fame inductees, and more nationally televised games than any other team in the league. Sure, a lot of time has passed since the Cowboys won a Super Bowl, but maybe the father of our hypothetical fan from Clarksville became a Cowboys fan because they won Super Bowls. A second generation bandwagon fan is still part of the bandwagon family tree.

Look, fans should root for whoever they want. However, the Twitter account for a team with arguably the largest population of bandwagon fans in America might want to engage in at least a little self-awareness before sickly burning 98.9% of its fan base.

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