San Diego Movers Refuse to Help Chargers Move to Los Angeles

L.A. Chargers logo lame (Denis Poroy / Associated Press)
Denis Poroy / Associated Press
San Diego, CA

One of the most iconic images of NFL team relocation of all time centers on the fleet of Mayflower moving trucks that circled around the Colt’s facility in 1984, just before they uprooted and moved the Colts from their ancestral Baltimore home and planted them in the unfamiliar environs of the great American Midwest.

However, if some San Diego area moving companies have their way, the iconic image of the Chargers move to Los Angeles will involve a fleet of U-Haul trucks. That’s because the Chargers, formerly of San Diego, have had a problem finding local companies willing to help them move.

Ryan Charles, head of Sales and Marketing for, voiced his reasons for turning down the lucrative opportunity to move a massive football operation. According to NBC Los Angeles, “We were just sitting there thinking about the physical move of the Chargers. We were thinking we would not want to be a part of that, having been born and raised here and being a lifelong Chargers fan.”

Charles continued, “Other moving companies, our peers, might not want to, either and wouldn’t it be cool if we all banded together to say that we wouldn’t?”

Acting on this idea, Charles began calling around to talk to other movers in the area, to get them to join his boycott. After reaching out, Charles found several allies.

Charles said, “The feedback was immediately positive. I got chuckles, people were laughing, there were guys saying ‘I wouldn’t move them for X amount of dollars.’”

According to NBC Los Angeles, “That variable is likely in excess of $100,000, by the way. With all the offices and training equipment, plus the likelihood of having staff and players jump on board, this is a monster payday these companies are turning down to stick to their principles.

“As of Sunday night 22 movers based in San Diego had vowed not to move the Chargers north and more are expected to sign on in the coming days. An email is being sent to as many movers as Charles can think of.”

Looks like U-Haul’s San Diego offices could get quite a lot of business soon.

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