Deshaun Watson to Cowboys: ‘Trade Romo, Dak to Browns and Draft Me’

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A pattern has begun to emerge among the top picks in this year’s NFL Draft, and that pattern is they all want to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Mere weeks after projected number one overall pick Myles Garrett playfully begged for the Cowboys to engineer a trade which would allow them to draft him, former Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson has now let Jerry Jones know that he wants to go to the Cowboys as well.

What’s more, he’s told the Cowboys exactly how they can pull it off.

Speaking to reporters in Fort Worth, Texas, after winning the Davey O’Brien Award for the second year in a row, Watson told the story of his conversation with Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett after the first time he won the award. Watson told Garrett that if he won the award twice, the Cowboys would have to make a move to get him.

Watson said, “I like being in Fort Worth, Texas, and I promise you I’ll be back here. And I told coach Garrett, ‘If I’m back here, you have to draft me.’ I know a lot of Cowboys fans, Tony Romo is healthy, Dak, I’m a huge fan, love that man, he’s been successful, but hey, I did my part, you have to do your part. I’ll see you at the Combine so we’ll talk more about that.”

What’s the magic deal that will allow the Cowboys to make this deal? According to Watson, “The Browns do need a quarterback. You can trade both of them. They need two.”

So, Romo and Prescott to Cleveland for the chance to draft Deshaun Watson, eh? Interesting. Of course, Watson laughed and smiled the entire time he said this. So he knows, as do all thinking people, that there’s absolutely no chance of this happening.

Yet, how wise is it for these top picks to continue making public pleas for the Cowboys to save them from life as a Brown, even in a joking manner?

It’s easy to be sympathetic with the plight of highly successful college athletes. You labor your whole life to be the best at what you do, only to then turn around and get drafted by the worst franchises in the NFL. Meanwhile, an undrafted lacrosse player gets signed by the Patriots and wins the Super Bowl.


And yes, in sports, winning remains the ultimate deodorant. If Watson or Garrett win in Cleveland, any pre-draft slight against the city will be forgotten.

Still though, the Dallas thing will never happen. You are all but guaranteed to go to Cleveland. Why make life harder on yourself?

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