ESPN’s Sam Ponder Lashes Out at ‘Sexist’ Twitter Trolls Mocking Appearance While Pregnant

Sam Ponder

ESPN host Sam Ponder has received quite a lot of buzz recently, primarily due to SI’s Richard Deitsch reporting that she will likely succeed longtime ESPN personality Chris Berman as the host of ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” show.

However, now the wife of free agent NFL quarterback Christian Ponder makes the headlines for reminding us that harassing a pregnant woman is still a very bad idea.

Ponder, who is seven months pregnant with her second child, took to Twitter to fire back at those apparently criticizing her for being pregnant:

There’s no question that Ponder has every right to nuke internet trolls, and there’s no doubt that anyone on Twitter willing to mock a woman for her pregnancy deserves whatever online savagery they receive.

However, if Deitsch’s reporting is accurate, and Ponder does indeed follow Berman on ESPN’s premier Sunday morning pregame show, she will fall under far worse scrutiny than anything she has received to date. Both from the audience and media, who will assail her appearance, performance, and pretty much everything about her.

Given that, she might want to stop checking her mentions for a while. After all, when you feed trolls, they just get bigger.

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