Local Cincinnati TV Affiliate Urges Boycott in Response to Bengals Drafting Joe Mixon

Joe Mixon
The Associated Press

So, it turns out selecting the most toxic player in the NFL Draft was not such a great idea.

This realization might have already begun to crystalize in the upper reaches of the Bengals organization, since it appears their decision to draft woman-beating running back Joe Mixon has sparked a hometown media revolt.

Cincinnati ABC affiliate WCPO has urged Bengals fans to boycott the team’s home games this year in response to the club’s decision to draft Mixon.

In an online editorial, the station explained their position, “We are urging every Bengals fan to take drastic action. Instead of buying a Bengals ticket this year, take the $50 or more you would have spent on that ticket and donate the money to a nonprofit that works to prevent violence against women. . . . Enough is enough, Bengals. We can excuse another season without winning a playoff game. We can’t excuse drafting a player like Joe Mixon.”

Mixon punched a woman in 2014, breaking four bones in her face. He didn’t serve jail time, after entering a plea which allowed him to maintain his innocence, while admitting that the prosecution had enough evidence to convict.

WCPO’s protest will not likely have any real effect. Though, it would be great if it did. It should also be noted that it’s easier for WCPO to launch this kind of protest, given the fact that no NFL games air on ABC and haven’t for years. Would WCPO make this kind of statement if they carried Monday Night Football?

Probably not, but we’ll never know.

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