MLB Marks Chief Wahoo for Destruction, Phase Out Expected Soon

The Associated Press

Chief Wahoo’s days appear to be numbered.

That, according to the Cleveland Jewish News, who report that Indians owner Paul Dolan told a crowd during a Q&A session that the longtime Indians mascot is well on his way to the reservation.

Dolan told the group that, “we’re headed there faster than we’ve ever liked,” and cited the actions of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred as the primary reason for accelerating the timetable.

Manfred’s determination to do away with Chief Wahoo represents a significant change in baseball’s stance towards Cleveland’s controversial logo. At one point, baseball merely lamented the presence of Wahoo, without taking any substantive action against it. However, under Manfred, MLB has clearly marked Wahoo for destruction.

The gripe of those who seek Wahoo’s demise is that the Chief represents a racist and insensitive caricature. Yet, these same social justice warriors seem to have no problem whatsoever with Notre Dame’s racist and insensitive caricature. Then again, Irish people decided long ago that they wouldn’t allow themselves to get offended over silly, stereotypically insulting sports mascots.

Maybe others could try it?

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