High School Basketball Coaches Fired After Taking School Bus on Beer Run

TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KXII) -- Tishomingo High School is hiring two new basketball coaches after a school board member confirmed last season's coaches were fired for using a school bus to go buy alcohol.

Two high school basketball coaches in Oklahoma were fired after taking a school bus to go buy beer while their team, from Tishomingo High School, attended a camp at Connors State University.

According to Tishomingo player Kyle Miller, “We noticed that the school bus was gone but he had told us to stay in our dorms and so we proceeded to do that and we just didn’t find anything out until the next day.”

The coaches’ caper was unraveled by a store clerk who, apparently, thought it concerning that two men would show up to purchase beer in a school bus. The clerk then called Connors State, a school that does not allow alcohol on its grounds.

Officials from Tishomingo High School became aware of the incident, then fired the two coaches. Sadly for the players from Tishomingo, the incident led to the team having to leave camp a day early.

Miller summed up the disappointment of the team to KFOR.com, “We were pretty upset because we paid money out of pocket to go to that camp, because we had to stay for three nights and we had to end up leaving on the second day.”

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