Cowboys Great Michael Irvin Wants an MMA Fight

michael irvin

Move over Herschel Walker, you are no longer the only former Cowboy who wants to get it on in “the cage.”

In an interview with TMZ, Michael Irvin, 51, made it known that he wants an MMA fight. Irvin said, “I train MMA. I want to do it. I actually wouldn’t mind getting in and having a fight. Oh, my God, I would love to take a fight. What I wish they would do is maybe do some amateur MMA fighting, celebrity-style.”

Though a match against Herschel Walker would make a lot of sense for a lot of different reasons. That’s probably not the droid Irvin is looking for. Walker has practiced martial arts for the better part of his life. Not to mention he already has two professional MMA fights.

No, for Michael Irvin, someone who has spent most of his post-NFL career shouting into a camera on the NFL Network. Perhaps another loud-mouthed, gesticulating, TV personality would be his best opponent.

Surely Stephen A. Smith isn’t too busy…

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