Doctors Ask Ohio State Fan in a Coma if He Likes Michigan, He Says ‘No,’ Twice

J.T. Barrett, Montae Nicholson
AP Photo/Al Goldis

Like bad habits, old vendettas and rivalries die hard. Or, in some cases, not at all.

Zach Lawrence is a big fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes. Like, a really big fan. In March, Lawrence was involved in a car accident while in the Republic of Georgia, and when he came home to Columbus, Ohio, in April he was in a coma.

Doctors wanted to test Lawrence’s cognitive abilities by asking him a question that they felt would illicit a strong, definitive response. According to The Columbus Dispatch, the doctors asked him whether he liked Michigan. Lawrence was to respond “yes” or “no” by pressing a button.

He responded “no.” Not once, but twice.

Lawrence’s wife Meghan sees this as a sign. “We’re pretty sure he’s in there,” she told the Columbus Dispatch.

Doctors told Lawrence’s family in April that his chances of coming out of the coma were, “pretty slim, pretty much nonexistent.” However, the passionate Buckeye fan has made some recent progress.

According to the Dispatch:

“[Lawrence is] starting to make sounds. He is opening his eyes, and keeping them open more and more. He smiles at his children. He can give a thumbs up. His therapists help him stand on a treadmill. They use electronic stimulation to get the messages moving from his brain to various parts of his body. He can hold a crayon or a pencil, so when his children, Adrianne, 6, and Donovan, 4, come visit, they sit and color with him.

Clearly, he still has some fight left.

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