President Trump Takes the Lead on Anthem Fight, Requests Signatures for Petition Calling on Players to Stand


President Trump has decided he will do the work that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, will not do for himself. Except this time, President Trump won’t call out the anthem protesters from a podium at a rally. This time, he will do it from the GOP website.

According to USA Today, “The Trump Make America Great Again Committee posted a petition Thursday on the GOP web site asking for signatures from supporters who believe in standing for The Star-Spangled Banner ”to show your patriotism and support,” first reported by The New York Daily News. 

“The petition comes one day after NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL Players Association, team owners and players met for two days in New York City to discuss, among other things, how to handle the anthem moving forward and enact social change on a national level.”

After two days of meetings with NFL owners and several NFL players, Roger Goodell said that the NFL would “encourage” players to stand for the anthem, but would not require them to do so.

President Trump called the NFL out on Twitter, after it became apparent that the league would not force players to stand:




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