Stephen Colbert Trolls President Trump in Twitter Spat with LaVar Ball

AP Colbert

Stephen Colbert, host of The Late Show on CBS, rarely misses an opportunity to take a dig at President Trump. The comedian seems especially prone to taking those digs when it comes to the president’s tweets. During Monday night’s opening monologue, Colbert didn’t let that opportunity go to waste.

Colbert wasn’t a fan of Trump’s tweet asking for thanks from the three UCLA basketball players, for their release from house arrest in China. Though, what really seemed to get the host going, was the Twitter feud that ensued between Trump and LaVar Ball.


Of course, Colbert had to work in a dig at Roy Moore while bringing up something positive about President Trump. Otherwise, Colbert’s would stand to lose huge credibility points with liberal Manhattan elites.

Whether Trump should have responded to Ball or not, is a fair point to bring up. It’s easy to see how a Twitter feud with the president would benefit LaVar Ball, all it does is bring attention and notoriety to his brand. It’s harder to see how such a spat would benefit President Trump.

Regardless, one would think that a father refusing to thank a president for sparing his son up to ten years in a Chinese prison, would be a far greater source for jokes and mockery than a president wondering if someone would thank him.


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