NFL Makes Racial Identification a Required Field for Super Bowl Media Credential Requests

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The content of your character matters much more than the color of your skin. Still, the NFL would very much appreciate it if you would check your racial identification on your Super Bowl media credential request.

In the past, the NFL required your Social Security number, passport number, and a photo for background checks on media credential requests. However, according to the Washington Post, the NFL will require applicants to fill-out racial identification for the first time ever, prior to Super Bowl LII:

For this year’s game, the league asked the FBI to perform security checks on all credentialed personnel, including members of the media, (NFL spokesman Brian) McCarthy said. The NFL’s security department, which controls the composition of the application form, attempted to make the press credentialing process ‘consistent with checks that are done for others who receive a working credential,’ which includes requesting racial information.

The FBI has said that while providing racial information is helpful to conducting security checks, it has not been, and was not intended to be, a required field on the application form.

Racial identifications that are available to applicants include: “American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian or Pacific Islander, Black, Unknown, or White, including Hispanic.”

According to Awful Announcing, “Law enforcement feel racial identification is ‘crucial’ for sight identification. Large venues have been asking for racial identification, but providing that information hasn’t been required in the past. The Post says the FBI usually keeps information for 20 years so it will be helpful in future security checks.”

The Super Bowl is a massive event which carries with it an enormous responsibility for law enforcement to protect spectator and player alike. If the FBI, or other security elements believe requiring that information will help with security, so be it.

Though, the irony of the NFL suddenly requiring racial identification after a season of embracing protests aimed at ending alleged racial inequality, is a bit rich.


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