ESPN’s Jemele Hill: ‘I Stand by Calling Trump a White Supremacist’

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ESPN’s Jemele Hill is once again refusing to back down from her claim that President Trump is a “white supremacist.”

The former SportsCenter host appeared on ABC’s The View on Wednesday, and declined the opportunity to retract her harsh statement towards the president.

ABC host Meghan McCain, who is said to represent the center right perspective on the morning talk show, quizzed Hill about her 2017 attack on the president, according to the Washington-based newspaper The Hill.

“Do you stand by what you said and do you think that President Trump supporters are white supremacists?” McCain asked.

“I still stand by what I said,” Hill told the women. “I don’t think his supporters are white supremacists. What I would say though is they have the benefit of privilege to be able to distance and disassociate themselves from certain issues.

“As a woman of color I feel vulnerable to certain things he said and done, and so all of that was part of that response of feeling that vulnerability,” Hill added. “If you don’t feel that it’s probably harder for you to understand it.”

Hill also said that she wouldn’t consider Trump cabinet member Doctor Ben Carson to be a “white supremacist.”

Hill then hinted that we should “know the names” of those in the Trump administration that fit her accusation, though the conversation shifted before she named any names.

Hill earned criticism after her tweet last September, calling Trump a “white supremacist:”

Hill was given only a wrist slap for the tweet. However, she later received a two-week suspension for urging fans to boycott the Dallas Cowboys after team owner Jerry Jones said that if his players protested the anthem, they wouldn’t play.

Despite being censured by ESPN’s bosses for breaking the company’s policy, Hill has repeatedly expressed pride in her comments and has continued to break the rules with frequent political statements.

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