ESPN’s Woke Morning Show ‘Get Up!’ Still a Ratings Disaster

GTY Get Up
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As week three continues for ESPN’s new “woke” morning show, the numbers reveal that Get Up! is still struggling to gain viewers.

Sports writer Ryan Glasspiegel looked at ratings for Get Up! on the Monday after the NBA playoffs began this month, and compared them to last year’s ratings for the show it replaced, SportsCenter. But, Glasspiegel found a great disparity in numbers.

Glasspiegel discovered that Get Up! lost over 60,000 viewers compared to last year’s broadcast of SportsCenter:

Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage added that kid’s cartoon Peppa Pig once again outperformed Get Up! in a big way.

Despite putting up to $35 million into the show, ESPN’s Get Up! has struggled even to come close to the ratings of the show it replaced.

The show’s April 2 debut earned a dismal 283,000 viewers, according to reports. And ratings continued to slide each day during its inaugural week until Thursday’s ratings came in under 200,000 viewers. Get Up!’s second day on the air fell to 243,000 viewers, while day three gave ESPN’s new morning extravaganza about an even 200,000 viewers. By Thursday, the show gained only 199,000 sets of eyeballs.

The poor performance for Get Up! during the NBA playoffs, is an especially worrisome development for ESPN. One of the show’s main contributors, Jalen Rose, has been an NBA analyst at ESPN for years. If hoops fans won’t watch a show with one of ESPN’s most noted NBA analysts — during the NBA playoffs — then one really has to wonder why they would watch it at all.

Perhaps these numbers will improve as we get closer to football season. However, as it stands, Get Up! is inspiring very few people to actually get up.

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