Malcolm Jenkins Thinks Texas Authorities Are ‘Trying to Make an Example’ of Fellow Anthem Protester Michael Bennett

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AP Photo/Michael Perez

NFL activist and Players Coalition leader Malcolm Jenkins, thinks that the authorities are “trying to make an example” of fellow anthem protester Michael Bennett, by indicting him for pushing an elderly female security guard.

According to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, Jenkins said, “From the outside looking in, not necessarily knowing all the details, but just kind of using common sense, it seems like they’re trying to make an example out of him.”

The Eagles’ safety continued, “But hopefully, those things will work out in his favor. He’s a guy that, I was excited when we [traded for him]. Still looking forward to him being a part of this team, being part of this community, because I think he’s somebody that cares. Somebody that works hard, obviously, he’s a great athlete, but a great human being as well.”

Jenkins became teammates with Bennett this offseason, when the Eagles acquired the latter in a trade with Seattle. Bennett’s lawyers have denounced the charges against him in Houston as, “ludicrous.”

Bennett’s other notable brushes with the law include an infamous incident in Las Vegas where he lied about being racially profiled and having the Las Vegas Police Department threaten to “blow his f*ck*ng head off.” Only to have camera footage reveal that the LVMPD detained him only after he acted suspiciously and ran from police, with no documentation of an officer making vulgar threats of shooting him in the head.

Malcolm Jenkins turned down an opportunity to go to the White House after Philadelphia’s Super Bowl win over the Patriots.

“I’m not interested in a photo op,” Jenkins explained.

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