Steve Kerr on NFL Anthem Policy: ‘Fake Patriotism’ and ‘Typical’ of the NFL

Steve Kerr
AP Photo/Ben Margot

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr accused the NFL of trying to appeal “to their fanbase” and using the anthem as “fake patriotism,” after the league enacted a rule change on Wednesday which required players on the field to stand for the anthem.

During a media session, Kerr told reporters that he saw the NFL’s move as “typical.” And sung the praises of the NBA for being a league which “understands patriotism in America is about free speech and peacefully protesting.”


Kerr’s comments about the NBA being a league which respects and understands peaceful protests is a bit odd considering that the NBA has a more strict anthem policy than the NFL does. Unlike the NFL, the NBA mandates that all their players stand for the anthem. The NFL rule makes allowances for players who don’t feel sufficiently patriotic by allowing them to remain in the locker room.

The NBA policy does not.

Kerr, next to Spurs head coach Greg Popovich and Cavaliers forward LeBron James, has been the most politically outspoken personality in the NBA. Typically, Kerr has voiced his opinion on gun rights issues. However, clearly, he is willing to talk on other social issues as well.

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