WATCH: Giants Fan Enraged After Booger McFarland’s Crane Blocks His View

Monday Night Football

Having Booger McFarland perched atop a large viewing crane, was likely hailed as a great innovation and fun idea at ESPN headquarters. However, for the fans paying top dollar for lower bowl seats at NFL stadiums, the crane is producing an entirely different reaction.

During Monday Night Football’s tilt between the Falcons and the Giants, a fan seated near the sideline let McFarland know how little he appreciated having his view blocked by the giant contraption:

Nor is this the only time Booger’s crane has caused issues:

After allowing their players to protest without penalty for years and subjecting their fans to interminable replay reviews, it’s no secret that the NFL and their broadcast partners really don’t care about their fans. So perhaps ESPN allowing a large crane to block the view of fans paying top dollar for great seats, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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