WATCH: ‘Jeopardy’ Trolls the Detroit Lions

AP Photo/Bruce Kluckhohn

Writing about the Detroit Lions doing poorly in football, is probably the most evergreen thing that anyone could ever write. Because, with certain very rare exceptions, the Lions have been the most consistently bad franchise in the NFL for the better part of three decades.

However, on Monday night, the classic game show Jeopardy didn’t ask their contestants to look at the Lions paltry past. Instead, they asked them to project the Lions future.

Though, given their track record, those projections were not optimistic.


Assuming the writers for Jeopardy aren’t die-hard football fans (probably a safe assumption) it’s a pretty bad sign when a bunch of writers for a T.V. game show target your organization when they need an NFL punchline.

Then again, I guess it means the Lions do provide a service after all.

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