WATCH: Boston Firefighter Dressed Up As ‘Buddy the Elf,’ Challenges People to Pillow Fights

Boston Firefighter

Nearly all Americans will endeavor to find new, and inventive ways of sharing Christmas cheer during this holiday season. Some will send a card, some will make a long overdue phone call, others might use the mistletoe, and some will run up and hit you with a pillow.

The latter seems to be the tact taken by a Boston firefighter who has decided to don “Buddy the Elf” gear, and challenge random people to pillow fights in the street.

According to NBC Channel 10, “Dressed as Buddy from the movie ‘Elf,’ Brendan Edwards instigated dozens of pillow fights at Faneuil Hall. To be fair, the jolly firefighter gave his opponents a few seconds of notice before he armed them with a pillow for their battles.

Edwards challenged people from different wakes of life: the old, the young, those who were working and those who were enjoying time with loved ones. His Yuletide request was accepted by many and prompted smiles from onlookers.”


The challenges do indeed seem to be well-received by the unsuspecting pedestrians. A welcome relief in a day and age where it seems like the slightest perceived insult, can provoke accusations of bullying.

As Edwards describes his efforts, “We just wanted to spread holiday cheer, make people laugh, smile. That’s what we’re out there for.”

It appears to be working.

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