Massachusetts School Children Build Lego Portrait of Brady, Belichick

Brady Belichick
AP Photo/Steven Senne

What happens when you leave a couple hundred Massachusetts children alone with thousands of lego’s during the NFL playoffs? You get lego portraits of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, that’s what you get.

Though, the final outcome was predetermined.

Artist Rob Surette brought the project to Brown Elementary School in Peabody, Massachusetts. Where some 400 teachers and students worked to piece together the elaborate lego puzzle he had constructed. The final result, was not revealed to the students. They had to work to figure out what the 20,000 double-sided lego blocks would show.

However, after the final pieces were put into place, they revealed two very familiar faces.


“The whole point of the project is to empower the kids,” Surette said. “I want them to feel inspired. I want them to feel motivated, to chase after their dreams.”

The dreams of all Patriots fans involve another Super Bowl championship. Though, in order to pull that off the Pats will have to defeat a very talented Chiefs team in the midst of an arctic blast and lunar eclipse. However, if there’s anyone that can pull that off it’s the two guys on either side of that lego wall.

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