Patriots-Chiefs AFC Championship Game to Be Played During Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse
The Associated Press

The Patriots and Chiefs will already play their conference championship tilt this weekend in the middle of an arctic blast. Now, as if the game needed any more environmental phenomenons, a rare lunar eclipse is also predicted to occur towards the end of the AFC Championship Game.

As fans exit Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium, they will be able to look up and see only the second lunar eclipse to ever occur during an NFL football game:

Of course, there’s no way to determine whether the Chiefs fans looking skyward in the fourth quarter will be feeling jubilant, or defeated. If the Chiefs defeat the hated Patriots and advance to their first Super Bowl in 50 years, then the moon will likely assume the status of a demigod across the state of Missouri.

Having turned not “blood-red,” but Chiefs red, as a testament to their victory.

If they lose, then the moon will take on some cursed status. Regarded by KC natives with the type of scorn they typically reserve for barbecue from other places.

In any event, the Twitter meme’s should be fantastic.

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