Miami Sports Columnist on Dolphins Potentially Signing Kaepernick: ‘I’d Rather Have Satan at QB’

Colin Kaepernick
The Associated Press

A sports columnist for the Miami Herald is sick and tired of everyone pining for Colin Kaepernick. In fact, he would rather the Miami Dolphins sign Satan as their next quarterback.

Herald columnist Armando Salguero took to Twitter to respond to Dolphins fan Jeff Culp who suggested that the team bring in Kaepernick as a “stop-gap” quarterback. But Salguero disagreed saying he’d “rather have Satan at QB.”

The Big Lead’s Kyle Koster was amused by the suggestion. “Satan under center would undoubtedly be a risk. While he may pass for 666 yards every game, odds are he’d be terrible in the clubhouse. Seems like a difficult guy for a head coach and front office to rein in. Also, he could have some fringe beliefs that cause an off-field issue,” Koster joked.

Still, The Herald’s Salguero is well known as a Kaepernick detractor.

Salguero was incensed in 2016, for instance, when Kaepernick wore a t-shirt featuring a photo of Cuba’s murderous communist dictator Fidel Castro on it. Salguero was born in Cuba under Castro’s evil rule, and the columnist was infuriated that Kaepernick — who claims to be standing up against persecution — was celebrating “one of the 20th century’s most enduring oppressors.”

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