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Trump says innocent in legal scandal, blames lawyer

Media Echo Michael Cohen Conspiracy: Trump Will Start Civil War if Voted Out

Since last week, the news media has been busy churning out content echoing a talking point propagated during Congressional testimony by President Trump’s disgraced and disbarred attorney Michael Cohen claiming that Trump will not allow a peaceful transition if he loses the 2020 election.

Jeb Bush Who Cares Screenshot Face the Nation

Jeb Bush Begs Donald Trump: ‘Come to DACA’s Defense’

Failed presidential candidate Jeb Bush wants President Donald Trump to save former President Barack Obama’s executive decree offering temporary amnesty to illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children.

Amy Beth Bennett/South Florida Sun Sentinel/TNS via Getty Images

FBI: We Have Not Found Jihadi Content on Ft. Lauderdale Shooter’s Social Media

Law enforcement officials have yet to confirm that Esteban Santiago Ruiz, the shooter allegedly responsible for killing five people and injuring another six at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport last week, had posted any content linked to radical Islam or jihad on his social media platforms.

MIAMI, FL - JULY 20: Protestes hang a sign that reads, 'Obama Coward Shame on You', as they show their displeasure, in the Little Havana neighborhood, with the normalization of the Cuban/United States relationship as the Cuban Embassy opens after a 54 year absence in Washington, DC on July 20, …

Obama’s Trip to Havana Triggers Personal Pain in Cuban-Americans

Another loss. That’s what this already feels like to so much of Miami, before the “historic” baseball game has even been played. As if the Cubans who fled to this country haven’t already felt enough of those losses over the decades.


Venezuela Cuts Oil Exports to Caribbean in Half as Havana Warms up to Washington

In a surprising assessment that indicates the Venezuelan economy is doing worse than its socialist government has indicated, a Barclay’s report on the nation’s oil exports show that the nation has reduced exports of crude to the Caribbean by at least half, including exports to its greatest political ally, Cuba.


Cuban Government Sinks Boat Carrying 32 Refugees, Including Children

The maritime horror that has become a centerpiece of the Cuban experience will continue even after President Obama’s overtures to the communist regime, it appears. According to witnesses aboard, the Cuban government sank a boat attempting to reach American shores