5th Grader Wins Science Fair by Proving Tom Brady Is not a Cheater

Tom Brady
AP Photo/Brandon Wade

Some of the most hotly-debated topics in elementary school science projects this year have included global warming, evolution, and rocket science. However, somewhat surprisingly, another topic drawing a large amount of interest has been the guilt or innocence of Tom Brady.

Last week, a 10-year-old boy in Kentucky won his school science fair by “proving” that Tom Brady was a cheater. This week, another fifth grade boy won his science fair for a project that was also centered on Tom Brady. Except this time, the kid won first place for proving that Tom Brady was not guilty of cheating in Deflategate.

Obviously, a science Battle Royale between the two projects is needed to determine whether Brady is a true cheater. Of course, the judges for such a competition will have to be vetted very carefully. Certainly no Jets, Dolphins, or Bills fans will be allowed.

Few athletes have sparked as much awe and controversy as Brady has over the last 20 years. Though, whether one believes Brady innocent or guilty, he has probably done more to advance elementary school science than anyone else in NFL history.

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