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5th Grader Wins Science Fair by Proving Tom Brady Is not a Cheater

Some of the most hotly-debated topics in elementary school science projects this year have included global warming, evolution, and rocket science. However, somewhat surprisingly, another topic drawing a large amount of interest has been the guilt or innocence of Tom Brady.

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25 Ways the NFL Slimed Tom Brady

From the investigator touting as truth the opposite of the testimony of the AFC Championship Game referee on the matter most salient to Deflategate to the league admitting ignorance of the Ideal Gas Law to Roger Goodell hearing the appeal

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Chief Justice’s Dissent Gives Tom Brady Hope on Appeal

Two judges ruled that the “minimum legal standards,” not “perfection,” dictated the NFL’s disciplinary response to Deflategate. A third judge, the chief justice of the 2nd Court of Appeals, labeled Roger Goodell’s process in meting out a four-game suspension to Tom Brady as arbitrary.

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Judges Leaning with NFL to Suspend Tom Brady for Deflategate

The Deflategate controversy resurfaced yesterday when three Judges from the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan fired rigorously on an NFL Players Association attorney, with one claiming that ball tampering by Tom Brady of the New England Patriots “was compelling, if not overwhelming.”

Calvin Pace Pressures Tom Brady

Report: Jets Requested NFL Sweep Gillette Stadium Locker Room for Bugs

The decades-old animosity between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots reared its ugly head again this week, as reports surfaced that the Jets, due to play at Gillette Stadium, requested Sunday that their locker room be inspected for possible bugs that could be used for spying.

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Bill Simmons Accuses ESPN of Pimping for NFL

Bill Simmons, the former ESPN commentator let go by the network on May 8 one day after he ripped the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell for concealing the contents of the Wells Report regarding Deflategate, ripped his former employers on his new podcast.


Harry Reid: Redskins ‘Bribed’ Indian Tribes

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who has obsessed over the franchise name of the Washington Redskins for months, claims that team owner Daniel Snyder “bribed” Native Americans to support the Redskins moniker and accused the NFL of ignoring that issue while prioritizing Deflategate.

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The NFL’s Kangaroo Court Won’t Stand in Federal Court

Investigator Ted Wells asserted attorney-client privilege a half dozen times during his testimony during the Deflategate appeal to avoid discussion of matters between him and the National Football League, which he now terms his client. Simultaneously, Wells stressed his complete independence from the entity that readers discovered he represents as an attorney.