WATCH: Siena Fan who Looks Like Bernie Sanders Dances Up a Storm

Bernie Sanders

Every March, the inner fire of college basketball fans is unleashed as their teams compete for conference and tournament championships.

That fire manifests itself in many different forms. Some storm the court, others will remove their shirts and swing them over their heads, or, if you’re a little too old to storm the court or take your shirt off, you’ll dance. That’s what a Siena fan who bears a striking resemblance to Bernie Sanders did on Sunday.


Amazingly, this fan’s explosion of movement came after his team had already lost.

Barstool Sports summed it up well: “Just flat out beautiful. Gotta love this time of the year when fan’s leave it all out there too. We’re going to see some gold fan reactions over the next month, but good luck topping this guy.”

Not sure what could top that. There’s also a strong chance the network would not air what could top that.

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