Tom Brady Says He Dislikes ‘Tom Terrific’ Nickname, Filed Trademark to Block Use

Tom Brady
The Associated Press

In an interesting twist to a truly bizarre story, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says that he’s seeking the trademark to the nickname “Tom Terrific,” not because he loves it and wants it to only apply to himself. Instead, Brady says he wants it because he dislikes the nickname and wants to ensure that it’s never applied to him again.

Brady’s pursuit of the the moniker brought forth a torrent of anger from Mets fans who believe the nickname should belong to its original namesake, Mets legend Tom Seaver.

The Patriots quarterback outlined his reasoning to reporters on Thursday.

“It’s unfortunate. I was actually trying to do something because I didn’t like the nickname and I wanted to make sure no one used it because some people wanted to use it,” Brady explained.

“I was trying to keep people from using it, and then it got spun around into something different than what it was. Good lesson learned, and I’ll try to do things a little different in the future.”

Brady continued, “I don’t like the nickname. I don’t like when people probably give me many nice compliments, certainly that. It wasn’t something I was trying to do out of any disrespect or ill-manner or anything like that.”

So there you have it, a simple misunderstanding. Whereas New Yorkers have justifiable reasons for hating Brady for what he’s done on the football field, in this case, Brady cannot justifiably be hated because he was stealing Seaver’s moniker for himself. Instead, the six-time Super Bowl champion was merely trying to take ownership of the name so that it could never be spoken again.

That should make everyone happy, probably not.

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