Dodgers and Padres Unfazed by 7.1 Earthquake that Rocked Dodger Stadium

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Dodger Stadium was one of the landmark structures rocked by the 7.1 measured earthquake that hit Southern California on Friday. Folks in the stands were surprised when the quake hit during the bottom of the fourth inning, but the players on the field didn’t even seem to notice.

The foul poles reportedly swayed, and TV cameras bobbled during the minute-long quake, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“I thought I was trippin’ for a second,” said Dodgers pitcher Kenley Jansen. “I thought, ‘Am I trippin’ or am I getting sick or something?’ I ran into the training room [and asked], ‘Did y’all feel same thing I’m feeling?’ Next thing you know you see everything is shaking. Definitely not a fun moment.”

Dodgers player Austin Barnes, who was in the dugout at the time, said he is born and bred in So. Cal. but Friday’s quake was different than he is used to.

“I’ve lived in Southern California,” Barnes said. “I haven’t felt earthquakes like that ever, especially that long. Never.”

Strangely, none of the players actually on the field were even aware of the tremor. The players on the field kept playing as normal completely unaware that the quake was happening. Their blissful ignorance of the quake caused Dodgers play-by-play man, Joe Davis, to blurt out, “How are they continuing to play baseball?”

Later, when the broadcast was ready for a commercial break, Davis quipped, “No hits, no runs, one earthquake.”

The game continued as normal with no breaks even during the quake. By the end of the evening game, the Dodgers had lost to the San Diego Padres 3-2.

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